I’m a life coach, success mentor, speaker, and master motivator working in the space of personal growth and development. I whole-heartedly believe that if you’re not constantly working towards becoming your personal best, you’re simply not living.

I’m also the Founder of Chicas & Cocktails, an event platform where women can connect, celebrate, and inspire change in one another by sharing their stories.

Born in Dominican Republic and raised in New York, I had a vision of the person I wanted to become and the BIG, BOLD dreams I wanted to pursue. Early on, I chose to lead with courage and to never allow circumstances define me. 

As such, my relentless pursuit of becoming my personal best, I earned a Bachelor’s in Advertising & Marketing and a Master’s in Public Relations & Corporate Communications. With over 12 years as an Advertising executive, I helped global companies with strategy, branding, and communication to grow brands like Colgate Optic White, Oreo, and Mary Kay.  

As a Latina woman in Advertising, I landed dream jobs, created award-winning campaigns, and attended industry VIP events. Hello ESSENCE's Black Women in Hollywood. How? 


You are your most powerful asset...

However, after a fruitful career in corporate America, my life came to a halt. To the world,  I was successful, but personally I was starting to lose myself in the process. Confined to a cubicle, I often drifted in thought, daydreaming of where I could possibly be, which was often on a beach somewhere sipping  a cocktail or two.

I CHOSE TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT… The Universe answered my desperate cry for help in the form of a life coach. What the heck is that? What does a life coach do? Simply put, a life coach serves as a bridge to help you go from where you are now to where you want to be.


So, I took a leap of faith, tapped into my savings and  hired my first life coach who challenged me to go further than I ever could’ve imagined. After some soul searching, self-discovery and mentoring, I was led to the intersection of passion and purpose where I discovered a part of my life’s work to be a guide that fosters personal growth, development, and expansion. I’m on a mission to inspire women to lead with courage and expand beyond the status quo.

MY TURNING POINT….hit me like a ton of bricks as I sat across from my then, VP of media, and I told him I didn’t want to reach his level. And, that’s when I had an “aha moment” realizing I had reached my limit. I no longer wanted to climb  the corporate ladder, or be molded to fit in a box. I didn’t have any interest in making a lateral move as friends often advised me to do. This was no longer the life I envisioned for myself as the whispers of my soul grew louder craving for something more.

FREEDOM is what I craved.

I wanted to break FREE - free from the mold, free from the  conventional 9 to 5 job. My dreams were changing, evolving in ways I didn’t expect. I desperately wanted someone to tell me that it was ok and that I no longer needed to follow course. 

WHICH, BRINGS ME TO YOU...I’m here to tell you, that it's perfectly ok for your dreams to change and that you have the power to author your own course.

So, if you’re feeling disappointed or frustrated with where your life is right now, I’m here to tell you that no matter where you’ve been, or where you are, your future is shining bright. Whether you’ve suffered a divorce, a bad break up, or job loss, these circumstances don’t have to define your future. 

You can hit the reset button, wake up the next day with a blank page and write a new script. You have everything you need to create a new vision and change the direction of your life as you see fit. Anything is possible as long as you lead with courage and commit to doing things differently.  

“Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” - Roy T. Bennett

Creating that new  vision and dream life is right at your fingertips. Now is your turning point. I’m challenging you to take that first step outside of your comfort zone. As your personal success coach and mentor, I’m dedicated to helping you push past those self-limiting beliefs that keep holding you back from creating a life that sets your soul on fire.

With love & wisdom,